Raised: $2,850.00 $2,825.00
About 1 year ago, BUMI faced a new challenge: looking after a vulnerable newborn who was found abandoned near the river of the Children's Village. The story of Baraka is both very special and sad; bébé Baraka was a only a few days old when he was found inside a plastic bag on the orphanage grounds. Someone had abandoned him due to his physical malformation: a cleft lip and palate. BUMI immediately took him into our care and asked the community for help with diapers, milk and baby care products in order to be able to care for him properly. We were lucky enough to get some supplies but this new arrival created an additional financial burden for BUMI. It was hard to know if Baraka would survive or not. His condition was dire and Maman Thérèse, our main coordinator, had to search extensively in order to find a pediatrician willing to attend to him despite our limited means. We also had to hire a new "mum/nurse-educator" dedicated to him and purchase new medical supplies. Bébé Baraka is around 1 year old today. He is growing and gaining weight but is still under the growth curve and his health remains a big concern to us. BUMI has found a surgeon ready to operate on Baraka’s cleft lip and palate at no cost once he is strong enough but we will still have to pay for the follow ups, the hospital fees, nights and the necessary medications which are very expensive here in the DRC. Although BUMI is happy to take care of this adorable baby, we are facing difficulties to bear the costs of his unexpected arrival. BUMI has provided an estimate as to the exact amount we will need to spend to properly care for Baraka. His health remains unstable and we expect many follow up costs after surgery. Below is the most accurate calculation of the costs related to Bébé Baraka’s surgical and follow up expenditures based on 1 year the total amounting to $2825 USD.

Estimated spendings for 1 year - Baby Baraka



 Living expenses 


Baby care materials (diapers, baby powder, etc.)



Baby food and others (infant formula, solid food, water, etc.)



Salary of a dedicated mum-educator 



 Health Care and Surgery


Surgery by Dr Seba at the Hopital Universitaire of Lubumbashi


Hospital fees (administrative files)


1 night in hospital


Pediatric consultations and follow ups


 Small health and supplies care



 Nurse salary at BUMI’s Children's Village (estimated amount per 1 child)