La rue des femmes

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We are all living communally in unprecedented times. The anxiety and fear placed on us by the COVID-19 have forced us to break away from what makes us human: socializing. But what we don’t realize is that we are privileged, we have a home with water and food, but most importantly we are safe.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same level of safety as us. In Montreal, there are a lot of women at risk. Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends who don’t have a regular safe place to reside. Our community is doing its utmost to support them.

The woman centre “La rue des Femmes”, has set up a secure environment for homeless women for 26 years. “La rue des Femmes” opens its doors to all women who are down on their luck. Without any judgment, the employees of the foundation are the frontline workers who embrace all the women who disappear in the lonely streets of Montreal. And we, as Montrealers, need to help them.

Foundation 64 is organizing a different type of fundraising in collaboration with La rue des femmes. Foundation 64 wishes to set up packages for 50 women at risk in Montreal so they have enough to survive for 2–3 months. We are doing this collaboration right now, so they can feel safe during COVID-19 crisis, even if the whole city is on pause, we won’t let them down. We have set up a list of essential articles. To purchase all the items, it would cost $120 per individual. That being said, most of these items are objects that a lot of us already have, but no longer need. On the other hand, some of the items can be purchased and give away as an extra to support someone in need.

We are asking you to help us gather all these objects. Either by donating a sum, by purchasing the products yourself (you may deposit it at foundation 64 office or our staff can pick them up), give, for example, a hoodie in good used condition you no longer need or order it via our Amazon wish list (

There are multiple ways we can fight together to support the ones in need. Even if most of us are in quarantine, we can all afford an extra toothbrush, soap or shampoo.

Montreal, we are asking you to show support, so that during this pandemic no one is lost in the darkness.

Here is the list of what is needed for one individual for a period of 2–3 months:

Clothing :

  • Pair of socks : 5–6
  • Underwear : 5–6
  • Bra : 2
  • Hoodie : 1
  • Pair of Gloves : 1
  • T-shirt : 2
  • Pyjamas : 1
  • Leggings : 1
  • Running shoes : 1
  • Jogging pants : 1
  • Light blanket : 1
  • Rain jacket : 1
  • Backpack : 1

Basic products :

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body lotion
  • Face cream
  • Deodorant
  • Tooth Paste
  • Toothbrush
  • Hair Brush
  • Razor
  • 1 box of tampons
  • 1 box of pads

Extra :

Make-up and any other beauty items (It may be the apocalypse, but we still want to look good)   Cigarettes (One cigarette can break the anxiety and fear, when the apocalypse will be over, we can preach about the fact they should stop smoking)