“We are the Heritage” Mural

Raised: $0.00 $4,000.00
During Montreal’s Mural Festival, the largest urban art festival in Canada, Aydin Matlabi and graffiti artist Miss Me created a mural paying homage to strength and resilience of the orphans of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The resulting project was one of the most successful installations of the festival, displayed on the side of Darling located on the iconic Boulevard de St. Laurent. The mural, combining Matlabi’s portrait series “We Are The Heritage” with Miss Me’s famous street art style, captured the hearts of locals and tourists alike and helped bridge the gap between two worlds that rarely get the chance to connect with one another. Unfortunately, the mural has recently been vandalized and defaced, with one of the orphan’s faces having been cut off from the wall. We wish to restore the mural, which has become a Montreal landmark, to its original state and remove the vandalism so that it may stand proudly once again. This project will cost 4000$
As we constantly depict them as poor little victims, Aydin Matlabi will tell you that they are superheroes. He lived with them for weeks and has a special relationship with all of them. I wanted to show the strength and admiration he has for all these children. Instead of looking down on them we should look up to them as they are stronger than most of us will ever be. If royalty really stands for strength and courage then they are queens and kings. -Miss Me

Above is a photo of the original mural before it was defaced, help us repair the damage and restore these striking images. Donate now.