Your donation is given directly to our partner organizations to help them achieve the visibility they need. Foundation 64 subjects all of the organizations we work with to an intensive vetting process, ensuring trust for donors and accountability for the groups we support.


Foundation 64 is rethinking the way we give by supporting sustainable projects and grassroots organizations in communities with long term goals and action plans for their projects. Your one time donation can go a long way in helping to pull a community out of poverty.


By creating unique and powerful visuals, foundation 64 works to rewrite the narratives of the people who bring innovation and hope to their communities around the world. Our aim is to tell their stories and make their voices heard.

Corporate Support

By linking for profit organizations with non-profit ones to create visual and marketing materials, Foundation 64 is increasing visibility for both the humanitarian organizations and the corporations who support them.


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About us

Foundation 64 works with communities whose initiatives and projects align with our core values of accountability and sustainability in the human rights sector. By helping us you help create hopeful narratives for the organizations that aim to bring change to their communities with your support going directly towards their grassroots initiatives. We all have the power to make a difference and with each donation given to the project you feel deserves greater visibility you are directly impacting your chosen cause. By supporting our projects you are helping us to create a new and innovative way to uplift and empower those working in crisis and impoverished environments.