In-flight T-Shirt


In-flight, the bird is free from bonds of the world.

Imagine you could support women’s rights just by wearing fashion you like? Well, that is now possible !

FOUNDATION 64 is presently going into Montreal’s streets to support women at risk with basic hygienic necessities. Working with Montreal designers, Foundation64 created a fashion line that promotes women’s rights. Individuals at risk need support so they can stand on their own feet. Like an injured bird needs help to heal so that it can fly free again.

The symbolism represents all the women in Montreal’s streets, who are at risk because of abuse, addiction, PTSDs, neglect, etc. We wish to help them heal with the most basic necessity: hygienic products. We do not believe that we will be changing their existence; what we are doing supports them to recover. Like a bird whose wing is broken, we have the chance to help it heal so it can fly high.

This project is made in collaboration with the designer Cassandra Huynh (also known as HU.Y.NH), a Montreal based clothing factory and a Montreal based humanitarian agency.

Please represent that you care, represent your city and represent that together we will make a difference.


White, Black


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


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