Strange creatures T-Shirt


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We, Montrealers, are strange creatures.
We are beautiful on a budget.
We are partiers who make it to the 7 am shift.
We travel the world, yet we remain proud of being from Montreal.
Well, here is a clothing line for you all Montrealers.

I am presenting the three main creatures that are as Montreal as orange cones are.

The Seductive squirrel: The camaraderie of us all (and elegance, of course).
The Chunky raccoon: Our trashy nightlife experience (I mean, we all finished the night eating finger licking food at 4 am sitting on the curb having a deep conversation about where pepperoni comes from).
The Mighty pigeon: The freedom of traveling anywhere without care. (except we don’t poop everywhere. Wait…)

All the proceeds go to support Foundation 64 and the humanitarian initiatives it runs locally and internationally. This line was made by a Montreal company, designed by Montrealers and made for you, my rebellious Montrealers. We are wild, free, and, most notably, support our own.


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The Chunky raccoon, The Mighty pigeon, The Seductive squirrel


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